Do more than is required.

You may have never heard of Lagniappe but you will be familiar with the concept.

The most well known example is that of the “baker’s dozen” where 13 rolls are supplied instead of 12. The 13th roll is an unexpected free gift, or Lagniappe.

Once you have become efficient and proactive, the final part of deserving more sales comes from doing more than is expected – “going the extra mile”

We’ve all heard about “the extra mile” but it’s seldom utilised in day to day business.

Lagniappe can be as simple as a sincere thank you email, call or hand written note, or it can be as elaborate as free products and services. The key for it to be effective in your client relationships is that it must be relevant and it must be unexpected.

The element of surprise, coupled with the demonstration of forethought will create a paradigm shift in how your clients perceive you and whether or not they recommend you to their circles of influence.

How do you get from Efficiency, to proactivity, to lagniappe? You need a shift in your mindset.