Our clients

What others say about you, says everything.

We focus on delivering value to our clients, so that they in turn can focus on delivering value to their clients.

We do not advertise, we work on word of mouth referral as this is the biggest indicator of the effectiveness of what we do and ensures we work with clients who understand how we work and have unbiased recommendation.

Principally, we work with businesses with established client lists they interact with regularly, but increasingly we work with growing businesses seeking clarity and definition on their offering.

We work with companies, consultants and corporates across a diverse range of markets, but they all have one desire- to drive sales through creating stable, long term value for their clients.

Our clients come from all areas of the marketplace, but they all have one desire- to sell more to their clients by focussing on adding value and being excellent at what they do first and foremost.

We keep our clients’ details confidential, but with their permission share some of their feedback:

“Practical results and applications, not just strategy.”

“The whole process was enlightening and rewarding.”

“Within 2 weeks I was able to speak confidently about my products without having to think too hard how to sell 10 services in a 1 minute sales pitch, which resulted in a sale and I have more enquiries to follow up on”.

“A unique approach that actually works.”

“I found You Deserve More Sales an awesome talent for helping me push my business forwards.”

If you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want your customers to love you, if you want to be recognised as the best in your field, you need to focus on adding value, so that you can deserve more sales.

We can show you how.

For more information about how we can serve your business, please see our full list of services or contact us for a consultation.