SERVE mentality

Organizations exist to serve.


The many techniques, strategies and three core principles of our methodology are best recalled using the acronym SERVE.


People like to buy from people they like. Being friendly and approachable is the hallmark of a genuinely successful business that values their employees and clients.

  • Would you repeatedly do business with people you didn’t like if you had the choice?


As the first principle in our methodology, Efficiency is vital to building trust and to demonstrating the long term, value based approach of your business.

  • Would you do business with people who seem overwhelmed by the basics? Would you question their expertise?


Trust, respect, repeat clients and referral all stem from reliability. Reliability stems from efficiency and it telegraphs your ability to serve, your position of influence within your industry and helps reinforce the value you add to the marketplace.

  • Would you do business with people who lack consistency or a unified approach?


At the heart of serving others and at the heart of business itself is the ability to add value. Adding as much value as you can, as often as you can, to as many clients as you can and seeking to continually improve and raise the bar are hallmarks of successful individuals and businesses.

  • Would you do business with people who seem to offer very little and are undifferentiated from their competition?

Extra Mile

Lagniappe, the extra mile, over delivering. Whatever you call it, the way to supercharge any client relationship and to raise your profile is to go above and beyond what is expected of you. The ability to consider what the client needs and seek to “over-deliver” it to them should be the primary focus of every individual and business on the planet. And yet it’s not?

  • Would you do business with people who do only what they say and what you ask of them, without displaying any care, forethought or special attention?


If you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want your customers to love you, if you want to be recognised as the best in your field, you need to focus on adding value, so that you can deserve more sales.

We can show you how.

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